Bollywood or Hollywood: Which one is better?

Billions and billions of movie buffs have their hearts being ruled by the Bollywood and Hollywood. Bollywood is a term which is used popularly for the Indian cinema which is based in the city of Mumbai and Hollywood is present in the city of Los Angeles in the United States. It is the headquarters of the American film industry. Although both the movie industries have numerous similarities but along with them, there are lots of differences as well which differentiates them and tends to make the one better than the other.


The major differences between both of them are as follows:

  1. Different Genres

The Bollywood movies are mostly based on the conventional songs and the sequences of dance where the actors and actresses are running around the trees and only about 20% is the narrative part. All the romance, the comedy, action, emotions, thrill, and suspense are included in a single package. Unlike this, in Hollywood, there is no heavy music and the script has a very important role to be played. Also, you can watch most of the English movies on megabox hd (download it here:, this is unlikely with Hindi movies.

  1. Special effects

The meaning of the special effects has been totally redefined by the movies like the matrix, the matrix reloaded etc. High effects have been used in the Hollywood movies whereas the Bollywood movies depend on totally over the emotions and the family drama. Although the movies like Krrish and RA-1 have tried to break the Hollywood stereotypes, but to make a place in Bollywood it will take more time.

  1. Popularity of cinema

The popularity of the cinema plays a major role in the establishment of any movie and its success. Bollywood has its set rule over the industry. Whether in West or in India or in any part of the world, Bollywood has its own fame which is very high as compared to Hollywood. The Indian movies are a big hit everywhere. Artists like Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and many others are a household name and they do not require any banners to get popularize. Due to the large audience, even the Hollywood has to release its movies in Hindi.

  1. Superhit movies

It is well said that Hollywood makes the movie stars and the Hollywood makes star movies. This line clearly explains that matchless movies are made in Hollywood as compared to Bollywood. The directors of Hollywood have the aim of focusing on a single project at a time and thus take enough amount of time for one movie, unlike the Bollywood.

With so many differences, it is very difficult to say that which one is better Hollywood or Bollywood because both of them have some good aspects and some negative aspects also. No matter what, you can always enjoy the movies you love on an app known as Movie Box for iOS

Hard Tail VS Full Suspension Mountain Bike

For a mountain biker, the biggest question which arises to his mind while going for a new bike to ride upon is – which of the two bikes, a Hard Tail or Full Suspension is better for use?

Although the decision to go with a Hard Tail or a Full Suspension is based entirely upon the personal preference of a biker, we would like to offer you a series of thorough comparison among the different features of both these bikes to help you pick one of the best mountain bikes.

Mountain Bike Group

The Frames

The Full Suspension is too costly and complex to design when compared to a Hard Tail mountain bike. It is because, unlike the Hard Tail, Full Suspension requires a rear shocker and a pivot attached to the rear end frame to make the bike comfortable to ride upon. However, this added complexity of the Full Suspension makes its parts less durable than the Hard Tail one.

To be fair, the Hard Tail also punches above its weight and would be suitable for those bikers who are looking for a bike with less weight, lower maintenance and a larger manipulation attached to the frame tubes.

The Components

After the frame, we look forward to all the different components of the good mountain bikes.  In terms of the tires used, handlebar or stem, there would be no difference in the two bikes as they are both nearly the same. However, the Hard Tail comes with a better suspension fork than the Full Suspension bike.

Besides, suspension fork, the wheels, and the brakes on the Hard Tail is a huge upgrade over the Full Suspension as it looks like the later has tried to put its all weight behind the rear suspension shockers.

The Weight of the Bikes

The weight of the mountain bike is an important thing for a biker. A bike with a less weight is able to be maneuvered better than a heavier one. You will also find it easy to accelerate or decelerate on a lighter bike. However, it would be difficult to maintain a balance on the light weight ones.

The way a Full Suspension Mountain Bike is made with cheaper tube construction and the slightly lesser quality of parts used to make a Full Suspension bike effect to the low weight of the bike.

Riding Style

No matter how much we discuss on the different components, their quality, weight of the bikes, the most important thing about mountain bikes is how they are felt when we ride upon them. The Full Suspension ones are built for riders who are looking for a larger suspension travel which helps to boost their comfort and control over them.

However, Hard Tails are better suited for those riders who are kind of aggressive in their riding style. If you want to go all out with speed and aggressiveness, the Hard Tail is the bike you are looking for.

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